Ниже приведен список некоторых документов, которые мы можем заверить для вас. Если вы не видите свой документ в списке, отправьте его нам, и мы сообщим вам стоимость перевода!

Обратите внимание, что это всего лишь примеры сертифицированных переводов, которые мы загрузили в качестве справочной информации. Цена может быть выше или ниже в зависимости от содержания конкретного документа. Например, стоимость перевода языков, которые составлены на нелатинском алфавите, как правило, дороже. Эти цены являются ориентировочными для цифровой версии сертифицированного перевода. Чтобы узнать точную стоимость перевода, загрузите свой документ и помните, что наши цены намного ниже, чем у наших британских конкурентов.

We are able to offer certified translations at an unbeatable price thanks to our unique set-up. We are a group of freelance translators working independently, all with the credentials to certify our translations. We are not a company, so we have very few overheads and no VAT is applicable to our work. Most significantly, since you work directly with the translators, there is no middle-man taking a cut. This is the main reason our certified translations are cheaper than those offered by most of the agencies that dominate the translation industry. We offer stamped and signed hard copies of our certified translations at an unbeatable price which includes delivery to your address. Extra copies can be requested at no extra charge. We can offer a £10 discount for digital certified translations that can be sent by email where no hard copy is required. These will be digitally signed and stamped but will not bear the physical rubber “certified translation” stamp. Digital certified translations have the same basic appearance and are very widely accepted, but we do recommend that you double-check with the organisation requesting the translation if this will suffice or if they need a stamped hard copy. We also provide a proofreading and certification service for those who already have a translation that just needs certification. We have found that many people are in this position and the proofreading option works out cheaper than paying for a new translation just to get the required certification. We also offer standard translation service without certification and can get this done at a very competitive rate. Just drop us a message with the details of the text you need translating if this is the service you need. We’re a large group of translators with many contacts in the industry so we can cover pretty much all kinds of translation work. We are a socially conscious group and special rates are available for good causes such as charities and NGOs. We carry out certified translations for refugees and asylum seekers at greatly reduced rates or for no charge where possible. Get in touch for more details on this. We have a new section on the site covering this aspect, click here to learn more.